The Stories Within Pictures #13: Cookies and Muffin Tops


Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t like mum’s cookies and cakes? But then what… Holidays are over and together with them our lazy days are over as well. Then we find out that those muffin tops on our bellies are not fitting in jeans. Who cares? The sweetest season needs some muffin tops and some laziness. Don’t you think so?

Penny loves spending winter holidays with her family. It is always about thousands preparations, baking and cooking, and spending the precious time together. Of course, being lazy is also part of this cold and sweet season. Mum always takes out her old cookery book and finds something nice, mostly sweet in it. Like this time. She brought the book to the kitchen where Penny was loading her Lomo LC-Wide with a fresh film. Then, she picked one recipe, the one Penny loves most and which was preserved in the family for many many decades.

Photos by erikagrendel

“Let’s bake something nice”, she said.

Just like that. Nothing more was said and they started to prepare everything, step by step, with the little help of the camera too. Some eggs, flour, walnuts, cinnamon, sugar, vanilla and some secret ingredients which cannot be mentioned.

Photos by erikagrendel

Because mum’s cookies and cakes are the best, the little sweet blessings in your mouth, wonderful little sweet worlds which we can eat and feel ourselves so sweet, so tasty, yummy and chocolate-like, Penny started to taste them one by one. You never know, some may have a little defect, a different taste and you can only find it in a way that you will taste them all. Then, after this very tiring job was done, she laid down on the sofa, took some photos of cookies and cakes which she was already unable to eat and let her muffin top grow. That’s one of many ways how to spend lazy holidays.

photos by erikagrendel

Photo and words by Erika Grendelova. Originally from Slovakia, Erika now lives in the Czech Republic and travels a lot to UK and Finland. Read more articles from her series here.

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