Analogue Bucket List for 2013: A To-Do List

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It’s a brand new year, another clean slate for us to start our analogue lives anew. I think it’s also a chance for us to pick up unfinished projects, finish overdue tasks, and set unfulfilled plans in motion once more. That’s why I’m putting in my analogue bucket list some things that I may have overlooked in the past but hope to achieve or complete this year.

Label and organize my film negatives.

After almost four years of shooting film, it’s inevitable that I have accumulated a lot of film negatives. Of course, I can’t and won’t throw them away; my hard drive and CDs of scans may get corrupted, but these negatives can always be scanned (that’s the power of analogue!). So, I need to take care of them, keep them organized so I can quickly find negatives if I need to, and house them in a container that will protect them from dust, heat, and humidity. I have actually started with this, as some of my negatives have already been labeled, and I have also bought some plastic boxes for them. I’ve been putting this task off for so long so I’m hoping I can find the time to complete it before January ends!

Credits: plasticpopsicle

Go to more photowalks.

It’s been a while since I last went on a photowalk with friends (not counting the ones from my travels, of course), and I missed a lot of photowalk opportunities here in my city. So, this year, I will try my best to catch up with all the festivities, events, and shooting opportunities with friends that will come my way.

My most popular portrait to date!

Practice portraiture.

I’ve always been interested in portraiture, but I haven’t had the chance to practice as much as I wanted to. In fact, many of the “portraits” I’ve recently taken are those of my pet, Momo the Siamese Cat. Hopefully this year, I’ll be able to practice portraiture photography in film (especially in black & white and medium format) and get better at it.

Make handmade postcard sets.

One of my crafty friends, who knew I make postcards using prints of my film photos, suggested that I make handmade postcard sets. I loved the idea so I started two: Foliage (the set above), featuring some of my best photos of flowers and greenery, and Manila, which, as the name suggests, features some of my best photos from my hometown. I’m looking into selling a few sets, and if all goes well, I may have to think of creating more sets!

I love this Richard Avedon photobook; his work is beautiful and inspirational. I’m glad I found this for less in a second-hand bookstore!

Buy/Read more photography guide books and photobooks.

Aside from films and film cameras, books are among my obsessions (as if you can’t tell already from my Analogue Reader posts!). I buy mostly fiction, but every now and then, I come across interesting and inspirational photobooks (like the Richard Avedon Performance photobook above and a Lewis Caroll photobook) and photography guide books (I managed to find two books from The Kodak Library of Creative Photography series) during my bookshop-hopping. This year, I might as well fatten my library with more of these for inspiration and guidance!

Credits: plasticpopsicle

Continue my “Ghost Employees” pinhole project.

I’m not sure if any of you remembers, but last year, I started a pinhole project called Ghost Employees. However, I’ve fallen behind this project really bad, mostly because I’ve ran out of 120 films (I’m using the Diana Multi Pinhole Operator). I still want to push through with it though, so I think I’ll get myself a few rolls of 120 film and kickstart it again this year!

So, what about you, my fellow lomographers? What do you have on your to-do list? Share them with me with a comment below!

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