Bulk Loading 35mm Film

2013-01-11 2

As wonderful as shooting in film is, we can’t deny that it can sometimes be costly. So therefore, we are always on the lookout for tips and tricks to minimize expenses and maximize experience.

Which is why when we stumbled upon this blog post by John Spyal of Tokyo Camera Style, we knew we just had to share it with the community!

Photo by John Spyal

The whole title says it all. A Basic Introduction into Bulk Loading 35mm Film is a simple walkthrough on how to load fresh film into used film canisters using bulk film and a bulk film loader. It’s quite the treat for those who aren’t yet aware of bulk film loading!

One roll of bulk film equals 100 ft of glorious film, so that can roughly give you 30 rolls of film with 24 exposures, or 18-20 rolls with 36 exposures.

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  1. polarapfel
    polarapfel ·

    Great. What a coincidence I was just looking for a pictured instruction like this!

  2. arbi_ph
    arbi_ph ·

    I hope someday lomography will develop a bulk attachment/loader/option to a lomokino camera. Somehow we could capture long takes from it.

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