Kale, Marmaris


The oldest part of town…

Kale means castle in Turkish. In marmaris it is obviously what the vicinity of the castle is called. It is the oldest part of town, near the sea. (Oldest settlement was the ancient city of Physkos around 3400 B.C.) The castle was made in 1545 in the Ottoman era, it is said that the sultan wished for a bigger castle, and when he came back a year later, he still wasn’t satisfied with the size of it, and ended up executing the architect.

Houses have been built around this castle, that is on top of a hill, overlooking the marina. You can find the place easily as the city itself is quite flat. Once you get there, you can pick any of the narrow streets that take you uphill. The houses are white with wooden doors and window frames, that are decorated mostly. They are what makes Kale’s atmosphere different than the rest of the city. You would think that being around the museum and near the popular areas, the houses would have been turned into restaurants or cafes. Well, only a couple of them are. One of them is right at the top with a nice view of the bay. The place itself is quite like a labyrinth with tiny streets and stairs leading you somewhere you can’t see in the distance.

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