A forest of frankincense trees near the shore.

Located on the eastern part of the Marmaris Bay, Günnücek is a national park that the locals go to have picnics or to swim. Marmaris is covered mostly with pine trees, what makes Gunnucek special is the frankincense trees, which don’t grow everywhere. You can get to Gunnucek by driving past the marina, it is only 2 km away from city center, right next to where coast guard’s boats are.

There is a parking spot near the entrance, from there you can either take a walk in the forest, or walk towards the shore. The path takes you over a small creek, to the picnic area. Some people even camp out here. If you want to swim, the best is to jump from the long pier. The water is shallow so one would have to walk a lot , which may not be comfortable as there’s no sand, but stone. It is kind of scary to jump from the pier, it looks shallow but it is a little over 150cm deep. The sea is not as clean as the other parts of the bay, as soil stirs up and water becomes kind of muddy. But the park itself is a good place o enjoy, even if it is not the best place to swim.

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    This gallery is prodigious. The more I see your locations, the more I want to go to Marmaris...

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