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Science Journalist Brandon Broll has gained media attention for the microscopic photos in his new book Microcosmos. Why’s that? Just take a look, and you’ll see.

Stockings and an Ant holding a microchip! | SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY / BARCROFT MEDIA LTD

Based in London, Brandon Broll book features images of anything and everything, magnified up to 22 million times! At first glance it’d be hard to guess what the image represents. While one might squirm at the idea of what the surface of a dry scalp looks like or what a bed of dust mites up close appears as, you’d be surprised how breathtakingly stunning they in fact are!

Cauliflower in fact looks pretty similar | SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY / BARCROFT MEDIA LTD

Here’s to a new perspective on things so often found right under your fingertips!


While there’s a limit to how far we can get up-close-and-personal with our subjects, we should still give it a try!

Credits: scorpie, tikismeekis, kleeblatt & megzeazez

information and inspiration for this article is from The Sun

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  1. masala27
    masala27 ·

    Wow! The ant with a micrchip. Look out.

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