Stepping Stones: My Analogue Resolutions for 2013

2013-01-17 3

Hello, 2013! I’ve never been big into New Year’s resolutions, but analogue adventures inspire me so much that I just had to. Film has been such a great outlet for me over the past few months, and there’s just no looking back at this point. So here is to spending 2013 with a camera firmly in hand!

Credits: edenhovenga

Resolution #1: To get the hang of my new cameras.

My biggest personal issue is that I get so caught up in my analogue dreams, that I haven’t been able to focus on something in order to learn and understand it properly. This year, my goal is to take at least five rolls through each of my cameras before I even consider buying a new one. Including the two rolls I have completed since New Year’s, I have 28 rolls to go.

Credits: edenhovenga

Resolution #2: Experiment with a variety of new films.

I’m in love with such a strong range of films, it makes it so difficult to decide which one to use next. There is redscale, infrared, gorgeous black and white, and the inexplicable Fuji slide films. Over the year, I want to try and cross as many drool-worthy films off of my list as I can, starting with some Fuji Sensia and T64. The photos below showcase some of the films that I’m excited about.

Credits: vicuna, gauthierdumonde, ceduxi0n, neanderthalis & eskimofriend

Resolution #3: Document all of my analogue activities.

I feel like the majority of my learning curve is due to the fact that I need to record all of my analogue activites. I’ve started keeping a notebook to write down what film is in what camera, when I put it in, what I photographed, and any important settings. I also taped little pieces of paper to the backs of my cameras that say what film and when I put it in. And if they’re doubles, I specify. I feel like these habits will really help me keep track of everything in the new year and when I get photos back, I won’t be left sitting there wondering where I was or what I was doing.

Credits: edenhovenga

Resolution #4: Contribute more to the community & make new friends!

As a newcomer to the lomo world, I’d like to be able to start giving back as I learn more. In my spare time, I haunt the Analogue Lifestyle and Tipster articles, and I’d like to start writing some myself this year. I’m hoping to put myself out more in the community and make more lomo friends to share my joy with.

Credits: edenhovenga

Resolution #5: Film Swaps

As it is, I have so many other things that I’ve been wanting to learn and try, but the one big thing that I’ve wanted to do since I’ve joined the community is do a film swap. So this year, I’m going to make that happen!

Credits: trw, grazie, abigail0605 & tyler_durden

So here’s to spending 2013 with a camera firmly in hand. I hope everyone feels as inspired and motivated as I do! Happy 2013!

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  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    Thanks for mentioning one of my pictures and good luck with your resolutions.

  2. dreadlockboy
    dreadlockboy ·

    good luck :)

  3. edenhovenga
    edenhovenga ·

    @neanderthalis: Of course! It's a good photo.

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