A New Year Means New (Analogue) Resolutions!

2013-01-28 2

This year, I have a million things I want to achieve in life, and my Lomo life is no different. Read on after the jump to see what I have promised myself I will do this year!

Credits: kneehigh85

1. Get more organized.

The first thing I am going to do this year is get more organized. This will involve cataloging my negatives (not 8 months later but as soon as I get them developed), keeping my articles spreadsheet up to date (yeah I am a loser with a spreadsheet), printing my photos and filling albums like I used to and getting my films developed, scanned and uploaded in a more timely fashion (I currently have lost 2 rolls of Horizon shots that need scanning, I have 2 B&W rolls in a dev tank as my developer went bad and 5 rolls part used in cameras)

Credits: kneehigh85

2. Do more film experiments.

I have to confess that even though I have been a community member for years, and I love the lab rat articles, I have NEVER (well, not intentionally anyway) done any film experimentation, or any experiments really. Hell, I haven’t even had a go at making my own redscale. This year, I want to do masks, stick my film in the dishwasher and carry out doubles projects with other people. I already have a bit of this line up with crevans27 so a good start to 2013 with this I feel.

Some film accidents I have had where things have not gone as normal

3. Use more of my lovely accessories.

I have had a Fritz the Blitz Adaptor Kit for a year and never used it. I have had a Ringflash for almost 2 years, had a go with it, loved it and never used it again. I have never put a frame into my LC-Wide, or tried a Sprocket Rocket without Sprockets. I haven’t used my LC-A lenses on my LC-A apart from the day I got them. This year, I need to use all these wonderful accessories and see how I get on with them. They might make me a much better lomographer and I am wasting all these opportunities by not trying them out.

Some photos taken with some accessories

In addition to the above I also want to complete all 52 weeks of my #project52, develop some more rolls of my own film at home and get me a record player — phew!

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  1. dona-marocas-kemper
    dona-marocas-kemper ·

    Fun posts, wish I could be more organised too!

  2. dona-marocas-kemper
    dona-marocas-kemper ·

    PS: Loved your cameras

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