My 2013 Analogue Resolutions

2013-01-17 1

I love to take photos of public events, sport, street life. Often with normal lens and classic cameras (Praktica, Zenit, Zorki and other SLR and TLR). This year I want to make some experiments with my funny Lomo Toy cameras!

I mainly use classic cameras (rangefinder and SLR) to take my photos in a traditional way (seldom use of crossprocessing, very rare double exposures and always thinking before shooting). My photographic style is quite sober, and I love to shoot with normal lens (50mm) or moderate wide-angle and telephoto lenses (usually from 35 to 135 mm, with a minor use of 28mm or more extreme wide-angles). My preferred lens is the classic 50mm. However, this year I’ll plan to do some experiments, preferring (as usual) photos related to free time, leisure, sport and public events.

1. The first resolution is to take photos of sporting events, using the cylindrical perspectives of the Spinner 360 camera!

Credits: sirio174

2. The second is the use of the super wide angle lens of my LC-Wide to take photos on my lake, especially in the summer season where the park and the beaches are full of joyful people playing together; for now I offer to you two photos token in this winter time!

Credits: sirio174

3. The third is to take photos of live music and concert, a subject that I explored very little.

Credits: sirio174

4. Take pictures of public life at night. Always in the classic way, preferably in black and white.

Credits: sirio174

5. Take some street photos with a fisheye lens. Here you can see some images taken with my Fisyehe n. 2; now I have a new and wonderful Zenit Fisheye M42 that I bought at Lomography Online Shop that is waiting for test!

Credits: sirio174

Lomo on!

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  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    Good luck with completing your resolutions

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