Marmaris Bay


A different view of the bay in Race Week.

Located on the southwest corner of Turkey, Marmaris Bay opens up to the Mediterranean sea, and its layout makes it a secure cove for boats as its a natural harbor. The entrance to the bay is from the southwest, through an opening between the land and a peninsula called Adakoy. The peninsula is actually an island which has a thin road connection with the land. From sea level, you can’t really see that connection so it looks like you can get to the open sea. Its Turkish name is Yalancibogaz, which means ‘fake channel’…

Every year around the last weeks of October, the yacht club organizes the Race Week. This year it was between 26th and 30th, and I was able to shoot the last day, from the search and rescue boat. 135 boats were racing in 6 different divisions, the last day it was a route forming a triangle inside the bay. Being on the search and rescue boat, I also witnessed an accident, two yachts crashed near the finish buoy and a sailor happened to have his hand between the two boats, I think he broke his wrist. We rushed him to the ambulance on shore which was ready as we were heading for the docks. Cool timing.

It was impressive to see Marmaris from inside the bay, covered with colorful (though mostly white) sails.

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  1. anarchy
    anarchy ·

    Awesome!! Go Euro Team #3!!!!!

  2. stouf
    stouf ·

    A race in the race ! Ships, water and action ! I love it !

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