When going through my pictures, I noticed that I’ve taken quite a lot of pictures of food. Well, there’s nothing wrong with taking pictures of things that you enjoy, especially if it’s mouth watering good! But how do you get those dishes looking tasty on film too?

It’s an art form, getting good food pictures on film. I’m definitely not an expert on this subject, as I have often taken bad pictures of my oh so delicious plates. But I can learn out of my mistakes, and so can you.

To take a good picture of your food, you will probably have to get real close. If you are lucky, you can get a good picture without using a macro lens. But if you don’t have a macro-lens, keep to the lowest distance setting on your camera. Otherwise you will end up with blurry pictures, and that doesn’t look so tasty..

Credits: xgitte

So you are trying to capture the awesome food on your plate at a close distance. You look through the viewfinder and SNAP you immediately take a picture. When seeing the pictures, you notice that your plate is off center. Almost every camera has a viewfinder that is slightly off the real field that your lens captures. When you shoot at these distances, it’s not that noticeable, but it can often ruin your perfectly symmetrical composition you had in mind.

an example of good aim and an example of really bad aim

I would suggest never to use flash if you have enough natural daylight or indoor lighting . I think the food looks more natural and has more color. But if you are having a dinner at night, you will probably be forced to use your flash. At a close-by distance, this often results in reflecting surfaces and overexposed food. A trick is to use an off camera flash. Set your camera to Bulb mode and hold the shutter, while doing this hold your flash at a more reasonable distance and push the test-button (steady hand or a tripod and shutter release cable could come in handy).

Credits: xgitte

Pictures taken of food are often done shooting from above the plate. Been there ,done that. Try to take a different position, vertical, diagonal, far away, real close-by,… Opportunities are endless! You can also get other people involved by eating the food or presenting it.

holding holding the drink or food can spice up the composition of your picture

Those are my tips on how to shoot your delicious meals. I hope you enjoyed it and BON APPETIT!

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