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2013-01-17 3

The historical hard rock band from Italy, Lacuna Coil, decided to document their European tour in November with our La Sardinia DIY. Cristina, the front woman of the band, kindly answered to some questions.

Hi Cristina, introduce yourself to our community using three adjectives that describe you.
Hmm I’m afraid three adjectives are not enough to describe myself, but I’ll go with: volcanic, creative, optimistic.

You are the stunning voice of Lacuna Coil. Where does your love for music come from?
My love for singing started since I was a little child.
My parents still have a video tape where, at the age of four, I was singing at the top of my lungs. Love for music turned into a work only after my teens. First of all I started singing with some friends and then with the other members of Lacuna Coil.
Actually, I have never striven to become a “Rock star” or be part of a band. Although I loved to sing before becoming a real singer, I have never liked to be the centre of attention, especially during the performance on stage.
But I can just admit that music chased me up and the love for it made me lose myself, insomuch that the shyness during live concerts has definitely faded away.

You and metal music: how did you get closer to this genre?
I got closer to this genre when, at the age of twenty, I started going to places where rock and metal music was being played.
I must say that until then I didn’t know much about this kind of music. I received a complete smattering (as far as musical genres) from my older brothers. They made me listen to a bit of everything: Genesis, Pink Floyd, Guccini, Police, Soft Cell, Ice T. … Almost everything except there was not enough rock and no metal.
I was curious because I never liked to “accept lazily” only what the media offer and I always preferred to trust my personal taste.
So I started to listen to Paradise Lost, Pantera, Type and Negative, besides Metallica.
When I saw how much passion and energy metal bands and fans convey during gigs, I realized that was my place.

We know that Lacuna Coil European tour was recently terminated. You had a La Sardina DIY. and some black and white films with you. In a time where the immediate sharing of photos reigns supreme, what was it like shooting with an analogue camera?
To be honest, at the beginning it was really weird. I’m used to see the picture immediately, as in a digital camera or in my smartphone. I was really fascinated with the idea of “not knowing” what I shot. Shooting with La Sardinia reminded me of the time when, as a teenager, I was going back home from holidays with the films, hoping that the pictures on my camera were good, in order to preserve a memory of the summer. I was really fascinated by the romantic aspect of using this kind of camera.

Did you have some difficulties in shooting with La Sardina or did you feel immediately at ease?
I found myself completely at ease in taking pictures and figuring out how to select the options to shoot.
I just had two small glitches: I forgot that La Sardinia doesn’t have the automatic rewind and then when I opened the back of the camera in order to remove the film, I almost risked losing all my photos!
The other small problem I had, was with the flash… disorganized as I am I put the flash in my bag and I forgot to turn it off. So, when I tried to use it, it was totally out of power.

What are your favorite subjects?
I always prefer to look at pictures portraying people and situations.
The landscapes are beautiful, but that expression of the faces immobilized forever in one shot is more important to me than any scenery in the world.

What do the other members of the band and your fans say when they saw you were using a La Sardina? Jokes, appreciations, curiosities?
Certainly, there was big surprise and curiosity from people, as nowadays it is rather rare to see someone with an analogue camera.

Did you ever think during a concert: “Ah, why don’t I have the camera with me now?”
Oh yes, it actually happens during all our concerts. As I couldn’t take any photos during our gigs, during the last show I gave the La Sardinia to a friend and I asked her to have fun shooting with it. And thank goodness, at least we have some photos of my “office"!

If you could choose to portray a person (of the present or the past, famous or not) with your camera, which one would you chose?
As I am a huge fan of portraits and a great observer of faces, I would make an endless list … I would like to portray someone who fancies “playing” with the lens. I think the great thing about getting a portrait done is to try to be different from who we are usually.

Will you keep on shooting with analogue camera after this tour?
Yeah, I really think so; the charm of surprise and the suspense of waiting until after the development is so worthwhile to use an analogue camera.
It’s a bit like waiting for a new album release of our favorite band and hoping to find something exciting that will always remain in our heart.

Thank you very much, Cristina. We look forward to seeing more pictures!
A special thanks goes to Serena Bolsieri who mediated between Lomography and Lacuna Coil.

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  1. kadense
    kadense ·

    aw yeah, i love Lacuna Coil! (:

  2. holgardo
    holgardo ·

    I love this band. I heard their debut album when they were almost unknown in this side of the ocean. One of my best friends had a metal music radio show, so some music labels used to send him promotional cd's. The promotional package of "In a Reverie" landed on our hands and it was love at first play.

  3. shoujoai
    shoujoai ·

    I saw them in concert some years ago ^_^

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