My Analogue Resolutions This 2013

2013-01-15 1

Again, it’s the first month of another year. There are too many analogue tasks waiting for me this 2013. My mind has been filled with lots of analogue ideas and dreams since last year. Thus, I wish I will be able to do it well. Below are my top 10 analogue resolutions for 2013.

Credits: yokekei

Resolution 1: Buy a fridge for my films

Yes, I NEED a fridge to keep my films so that they will last longer. Most of my films had expired quite many years ago and some are going to be expired soon, so I now want a fridge to house them. Besides, I want to store my Polaroid films in the fridge to avoid crystal killer problem as well.

Credits: mephisto19 & yokekei

Resolution 2: Make short films with analogue photographs

A picture paints a thousand words while short film will bring out a story/concept much directly and more impressive, perhaps. The SuperSampler and LomoKino are great tools to start with. But, I wish to do more…maybe a short film combining analogue photographs with LomoKino film? Let’s start planning it!

Credits: yokekei

Resolution 3 : Shoot more Polaroid photographs

Yes, I like Polaroid. But, the film is really too costly for me. I wish I am able to shoot at least 1 pack of film per month this year. Pray hard for no more crystal killer as previous film packs where the image was totally attacked by crystal killer and fade off after few months.

Credits: yokekei

Resolution 4: Walk into strangers with analogue camera

Last year, I moved my first step towards strangers with Fujifilm Instax Mini camera and then, I walked to a group of kids with my La Sardina during my Hat Yai trip. Camera does bring the distance get closer between me as a traveler with the locals. I love this action, this interaction and this memory. From their curiosity, their question, my answer, to the communication, the instant photography result and their smile, everything had melted my heart. I will keep on doing this and perhaps my family and friends will do this with me as well.

Credits: yokekei

Resolution 5: Practice more on portrait shooting

I shoot landscape more most of the time. Now, I wish to practice more on portrait shooting. Portrait shooting is not an easy job for me, especially street portrait/ street snap shot. It requires soul, attitude, story and so on. Get more inspiration from our fellow lomographers, their did very well capture.

Credits: i_am_four-eyes, bccbarbosa, hburgess, ccwu, boredbone, grazie & gregoriobruning

Resolution 6: Get involved in more film swap projects

I did my first film swap with boobert last year. This year, I want to do more film swaps with local and overseas lomographers. There are too many great film swap photos that inspired me. I wish to get more surprise through film swap.

Credits: mafiosa, cc-in-paris, catfordst & dannyedwards

Resolution 7: Practice on long exposure and light painting

I guess, I do not have long exposure and light painting photo so far. This will be one of my 2013 mission. Let’s try something new and give new spirit to our daily life and city with long exposure and light painting.

Credits: kylethefrench, zark, hodachrome, arurin & marlenes

Resolution 8 : Practice on double exposure

Double exposure is an great idea and it required creative concept to produce great masking photos as well. Most of the time, I just simply overlap my image without planning. Thus, photos look messy and without a focus point most of the time. This year, I want to do some “themed” double exposure shooting such as some great photos as showed at below.

Credits: albeelee, hodachrome, arurin & ohpleasedontgo

Resolution 9 : Practice more with my cameras

Some cameras I only used one or two times even some cameras I never use it before. So, is time to bring out my cameras and practice more. I am so sorry to my cameras such as Holga 135BC, Diana Mini, Diana F+, Sprocket Rocket, Lubitel 166B and some other, sorry that I just keep you all in the cabinet most of the time.

Credits: yokekei

Resolution 10: Shoot, shoot, and shoot some more

Yes, I intend to keep on shooting. Keeping films alive. Keeping analogue photography alive, and allow it to have a long life!

Credits: yokekei

Happy 2013!

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    I thought my fridge hat a lot of film in it, till I saw that one.

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