A Small Trick that will Give you Wonderful Surprises. Here Comes the Christmas Magic

2013-01-08 1

Select the shape you want, cut out and the Christmas lights from your city will transform by magic arts.

I feel curiosity every year and I admire the different Christmas decorations in the streets of my city, specially in the street where I live; and every year I try to make up a new idea to photograph Christmas time: the lights, the atmosphere. This year, my fantasy has come true thanks to an idea that I got from a blog.

What we need for this trick

  • A teleobjective that has the manual mode function (MF)
  • A white cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive tape

Take the white cardboard and cut a small circle about the size of the lens. Right in the center, cut with a pair of fine nail scissors, the shape you want to use. I have chosen a star for my very first experiment.

Finally with a piece of adhesive tape, paste the cardboard to the lens. Be careful, do not block the zoom manual advance.

Now, aim the lens to the object: the lights from the Christmas tree, street lights, the lights from the stores… Set the lens to manual mode, out of focus, and shoot.
It is preferable at night, to sub expose two points and leave open the diaphragm.
My exif data:
(T)= 1/15

Here are my results. Hope you liked it. See you soon!

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translated by panefeky

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