Double Holiday Bokeh Using Manual Focus Lens and Double Exposures

2013-01-09 1

This season is full of coloured lights so I decided to try bokeh photography using my Nikon FM10. This trick can be used with any camera that is able to take double exposures, has a manual focus lens.

Credits: lintrs

Different from the rest of the year, in this cheerful season many places get full of lights, even inside of my house. That is why I decided to take bokeh photographs that I could only get in this time of the year. I used my Nikon FM10 with a 35-70 lens, which made my idea easier; although, any camera with manual focus is also very useful.

I wanted to take advantage of the double exposure function to get double bokehs. A tripod was very useful in the process. I put the camera, got out of focus by turning the focus ring at one side and took the picture; without advancing the film, I turned the focus ring to the opposite side and I shot once again. Here is the result:

Credits: lintrs

I kept trying out and made a double exposure, but I took the picture well focused first, and then focusing out. This is how it turned out:

Credits: lintrs

Later, I wanted to build my own bokeh by taking multiple exposures of different lights. I think that the results did not turn out quite well.

Credits: lintrs

Before taking the last pictures, I was in the main square of Mexico city, the Zócalo, where the buildings were decorated with pieces made of flashy papers, so I tried to get more bokeh pictures using the reflection that came from that figures.

Credits: lintrs

I hope that you liked my small trick, and try to do double bokeh pictures, triple or even more.

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  1. julia-b
    julia-b ·

    Your photos are lovely! I like that one with the christmas tree.
    I tried something like this this christmas, but later I noticed my camera was on bulb mode, so... probably not going to turn out very good.

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