My Analogue Bucket List: Places I Want to Shoot in 2013


This year, I would like to venture to a few different places to shoot my photos. Here are my top 5 places that I hope to get to in 2013.

Credits: fletchinski84

I always think that I get some of my best photos when I am seeing a new place for the first time through the lens of my camera. This year, I have a number of places I hope to get to and shoot a few rolls. I know I probably won’t manage them all this year, and I don’t mind if they run over the end of 2013, as long as I make it and get some great shots.

1. Liverpool

I have been to Liverpool a few times, and whilst I have taken a few digital/iPhone photos, I haven’t done a lot of Lomography here. In February, I am going to go to a Lomo meet in Liverpool and I hope to get plenty of great shots like the ones below from the community as Liverpool is such a good city and one that I think is really photogenic.

Credits: twizzer88, parky, lucasjakobsson & kneehigh85

2. Paris

Claire’s Mum is dying to go to Paris in Autumn 2013 and I hope that we are able to go along too. Although I have been to France loads of times as a child, I have never been to this amazing city and I so want to go up the Eiffel Tower and down into the catacombs. Again, I hope to be able to recreate some of my favorite Paris based shots from the Lomo community as can be seen in the gallery below.

Credits: susielomovitz, pussylove, kylethefrench, elvismartinezsmith & dudizm

3. Istanbul

Again, if me and Claire decide we can afford to go somewhere nice and exotic this year then we might go to Istanbul. As it is the only city to be across 2 continents, it really gets me interested. Plus, anyone who has watched Taken 2 or the James Bond movie will know how beautiful and photogenic this city appears to be.

Credits: shoujoai, pichumino, fmadera & ingwer

4. Harrogate

Even though I only live up the road from this cute little spa town in North Yorkshire, I havent really done any photography there ever. I took a few photos on a trip with my Mum last March, and they are good, but they don’t really show a lot of the town itself so I would like to return and do a lot more.

Credits: fletchinski84

5. Amsterdam

I really want to go to Amsterdam and given that I live in the North of England, it is only really a short boat ride away for me. I see great community photos taken there all the time so I would like to go for a long weekend or something at some point this year, maybe this is what we can do if we can’t afford Istanbul!

Credits: ecchymoses, mephisto19, sandkorn & paramir

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