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Red’s True Barbecue has to be THE hottest restaurant to hit Leeds since, well forever really. Here is my review of why people just can’t get enough of barbecued meat all of a sudden.

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Red’s must have arrived in Leeds around four months ago. It is in a great location, at the top of Call Lane, on the corner near the Corn Exchange. Personally, I am always going to get sucked in by a neon sign reading “Let there be meat”.

The first time I visited, there was an hour long wait for a table and this was at 3 PM on a Saturday afternoon. I quite like that you can’t pre-book a table though, as nothing annoys me more than when people book for a specific time and then don’t turn up, or turn up late. We went for a drink in the Corn Exchange with our spare hour, which was nice.

Credits: kneehigh85

When they called us to tell us our table was ready, we rushed back starving at this point. The first thing to note about Red’s is that the staff are some of the best I have ever encountered. They appear to have come from some kind “Good Staff R’ Us” catalogue. They are all super attentive, chat to you loads, help you make meat-based decisions, and are generally just a really nice group (especially the girl from Liverpool, who really looked after us last time we went super hungover, but I digress).

The first thing we ordered were some drinks and we chose the sweet iced tea. I can only assume this is some kind of concoction that they have thrown together themselves, because it is perfect!

Credits: kneehigh85

Red’s have managed to get a lot of things very right. The decor and the music are just perfect and it has such a lovely atmosphere, I can see why people are willing to wait hours to go there. In the middle of the restaurant is the kitchen, or certainly the area where the meat is cooked. There are sausages hanging up, ribs being hacked apart and all sorts, so if you like meat, then it is super interesting to watch it all being prepared.

Food-wise, there is quite a lot more choice than I anticipated with dishes ranging in price from around £8 right up to around £20. I have been a few times now and have tried the chicken, sausage, ribs and an array of sides – all were really good. I think part of the beauty of Red’s is that they make their own range of sauces, so you can’t really get this stuff anywhere else. But I guess they don’t cater so well if you are vegetarian.

They do no fish dishes and I think if meat is not your thing then the only real options are salmon salad or mac n cheese (although they do this really well). They also do milkshakes which are only £3 but contain about a million flavours and actual desserts. Personally, I am excited to go back in a group of four so we can share some kind of feast served in a bin lid!

Below are a few photos from Red’s (although none of the food sadly as we were too excited to eat it!).

Dave getting very impatient waiting for his ribs!

What is even more exciting about Red’s (which I just found out while researching this article) is that they source all their products locally, with most coming from the county of Yorkshire. I have also just found out that make a 15% donation from any “unholy sauce” sales to one of my favourite Leeds charities — St George’s Crypt. You can read more about Red’s here.

Any other Lomo people been? I would love to see your shots!

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    @easilydistracted - I love it here!

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    @kneehigh85 me tooo!! We're going on Saturday and I'm already too excited about it lol. I better take my camera too :)

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