A Journey Into the Beautiful Australian Desert


Eight people go on a journey in a 4WD into the middle of Australia. 15 Days, 1 shower, and food inside boxes created bonds that can never be broken.

This is the tale of 8 people venturing into the hot and sunny Central Australia for 15 days.

The first day started with waking up really early and driving for 17 hours then camping under a tin roadside stop whilst there was a flash storm. Day Two was pretty much the same: driving for 15 hours, uncomfortable bottoms, starting to ponder the big questions in life (Do aliens exist? What super power would you choose? etc.), driving down dark tracks so we could set up near the start of our hiking trail for the next day. I slept next to my six best friends. We set off early in the morning on the Larapinta Trail and 1 stayed with the car (Luke our resupply for food and water and safety if any of us got injured). We decided to take the high alternate route which had us not making camp and struggling for food and water. Tired and exhausted we stopped at a sandy grassy spot and made camp.

The next day we walked for about 5 hours, blisters hurting and the sun beaming. I was exhausted, so my boyfriend at the time walked at a pace I was comfortable with. We all shared the last drips of water and then went without it for about 2 hours. I thought I was dying. Nathanael (my boyfriend) sat me down and reassured me we only had a little bit to go. Not having much experience with hiking or camping, I was beat. He then got down on one knee and proposed. He explained that I was doing something he enjoyed so much and he could see how much I loved him and that he wanted to marry me. I was sweating and crying.

We then walked into camp and everyone else had been there for about an hour rehydrating and happy that we had finished part 1. We did not know how to tell our closest friends at the time about what had just happened with the proposal, so we didn’t mention it. That night was like a big family reunion. People from the same area we had traveled from the Southern Highlands were also at camp and a nice guy travelling alone camped with us for the next couple of days.

We kept walking, some of us taking days off to rest for the next 8 days. I took photographs of the beautiful wildlife (Desert Rose) and others swam through freezing cold dams. On day 8 at Ormiston Gorge we had our one and only shower and It was one of the most comforting things in life! Sausage rolls whilst the sky lit up with a pink sunrise was one of the best moments.

The McDonnell ranges providing great sights (Ochre Pits, Stanley Chasm)!

The hot day at Finke River was my favourite laughter and happiness filled the air! Then onto sites like Kings Canyon, Uluru in the rain and The Olgas made for some great times. The sharing of secrets and questions continued and all of us still talk about our time in Central Australia and how attached we became to our own country.

You can do this for about $550 each If you plan ahead, squish people into a 4WD, and have a food trailer on the back!

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