The Beautiful South


My name is Sinead Allison and last year, I finished my 105-day journey with my now husband through different countries including Iceland which was the most Jurassic place we visited. Here are some shots of us making our way with two packs, a bus passport ticket and a tent.

The 9 day passport for Reykjavik Excursions Buses was a great way to travel through the south of Iceland. We took two packs and a tent and decided to camp for 9 out of 11 days in the country. State of the art camp grounds; Hot showers ran straight from the ground, WiFi streamed through each camp ground and on the buses which allowed us to contact family we had not been in touch with for weeks and each location had several things to offer whether it was interesting people or the best natural experiences.

On the first day on our journey to Hofn we had several stops of 20 minutes or less which enabled me to snap up several locations which were not available for camping at. Billowing smoke from Volcanoes, Geothermal power stations, abandoned houses, black sand beaches, Holes in rocks, Puffins, the second biggest glacier in the world at Vatnajökull (Skaftafell), Icebergs at Jökulsárlón, Destroyed bridges and small fishing villages. So much to see in just one day, the next eight that followed offered the Eldgjá Volcanic Canyon, Ófærufoss waterfall, Laki Craters, alongside with long days where the sun did not dissapear until you were snuggled up inside the tent.

I took four cameras all up and 5 different lenses but my best images were from my Sprocket Rocket and my Holga 35mm cameras. The way the Sprocket Rocket can overlap countless images made the experience of the days blend into each other. The use of different film including the Lomography 400 ASA, 100 ASA and the mixed pack let me experiment and captured the essence of Iceland beautifully.

If you go I recommend camping in the summer, grabbing a bus ticket, and doing it in a way to help the environment from too much pollution they even have 4WD Buses! Stick your toes in the sand and have a great adventure!

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