Jollibee, Pinoy Langhap Sarap (Smells Delicious) in Iligan


Jollibee is the Philippines largest fast food chain. See how it becomes more responsive to multi-cultural societies like in Iligan.

Jollibee is the most known mascot for Filipino Children of our age. Its smile and its appeal supports its desire to be friends with Filipino Fast Food eaters. From its humble beginnings in the 80s, it is now nationwide and has even dared to put up shop as far as Isabela in Basilan Province,Mindanao.

I would have wanted to shoot the Jollibee Store in Basilan, but this is as far as I get. The Jollibee Store, nearest the City Center in Iligan is a bustling branch for students and young professionals around the St. Michaels College. We visited at breakfast and I was happily surprised to see some Muslim dining. I was happy to see them, as I do not usually see them in Manila. It was good to be with them, even if I am not able to talk to them.

I guess this scenario tells me of how some rituals unite the human in all of us. That there is a place wherein we can all co-exist in peace even for just a while.

It was a good thing that Jollibee is halal certified already.

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    A halal fast food ! Cool !

  2. jerjer
    jerjer ·

    i know right! its right there on their wall, halal certification. i love jollibee!

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