My 2013 Bucket List: Exploring New Places and New Angles


In 2012, my camera collection has increased, while the film collection has decreased. I managed to full fill my last year’s bucket list pretty well. This year, I have to go further! Next stop: Back to Africa!

Credits: zipper

Last year I fulfilled my analogue bucket list so writing another bucket list for this year might help to complete it. The newest camera addition is the Fisheye nº2, only one filmed developed so far with delightful results!

So overall I want to play with the fisheye lens and with the other cameras photograph new places. This is my plan:

1. I am going to Gabon, me and at least three cameras: LC-Wide, Sprocket Rocket and the Fisheye. The first one will allow me to get well exposed pictures of the jungle, like it did in the Caribbean this year. The Sprocket Rocket and the Fisheye will get really cool pictures in the sunny parts of my trip; the Fisheye for close-ups and the Sprocket Rocket for landscapes.

Have I mentioned that I haven’t found any picture from Gabon in the Lomography site? I am really excited to get the first lomography picture from Gabon!

Credits: zipper

2. More sprockets!!! I love the sprocket holes (and the double exposures)… that means that I have to keep taking pictures with the sprocket rocket and working towards getting the Diana+ 35mm Back. Maybe that also means getting a good scanner so I can finally use my Digitaliza mask.

Credits: zipper

3. I want to improve a little experiment that I have been doing in weddings:“”. But this time I want to change the film and use Fujifilm pro 160S, I have the feeling that the double exposure will come out well because the ISO is 160.

Credits: zipper

4. I had a great experience with the film X Tungsten, it is a shame that it is not produced anymore. I have already a few Kodak rolls that I have never used and the are waiting to be loaded. I am also looking forward using the sunset film.

Credits: zipper

5. And finally… keep telling about lomography and spreading analogue photography.

Credits: zipper


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