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CALLING ALL BLOGGERS IN SINGAPORE: Kick your 2013 off with a travel-inspired challenge from Lomography! We have cooked up a delectable challenge for you to experience (and WIN one of) the charming Belair X 6-12 cameras! Lusted over for its fold-out bellows retro look and three-format changeability, it’s the perfect analogue travel companion – portable and versatile! “Sign me up!”? Cool. Read on!

Wanderlust, new cultures, adventure, dress up – if these words catch your eye, this challenge is made for you. 20 of the coolest bloggers in Singapore will be selected to take part!

Credits: sixsixty & satomi


1. Show your best interpretation of a city/country and be shot by a professional photographer with our travel-perfect Belair camera
Imagine toting the Belair pairing it with a cute outfit and embarking on an adventure. Wherever you envision yourself to be, you are turning heads with this chic camera and everyone wants a piece of you… Okay –– don’t lose that picture! The challenge we have set up is inspired by your vision and your sharing it with others.

Credits: satomi

Come in on the 10th of January 2013 to our Gallery Store in your best interpretation of a city or country you are fascinated by – be it through imitation of the style of its citizens, representation of a significant cultural phenomenon, or a make-do of a famous delicacy, it’s entirely up to you! Where do you envision bringing the Belair with you to? Is it Abbey Road in London? The Shibuya district in Tokyo? Get those creative juices flowing, let your own spin on this take flight!

Credits: satomi & earlybird

Show it all off by striking poses and being portrait-perfect at our portrait station where you’ll be shot with the revolutionary Belair camera itself. Props such as a chalkboard backdrop, chalk sticks, flags and speech bubble cutouts to write on will be provided – so use them to your advantage to do a shoot evocative of that city/country. Also, of course, you are more than welcome to bring your partners in crime to work these shots with you!

Credits: sixsixty

2. Share the Belair experience on your blog
Write all about your Belair experience and share your portrait(s) on your blog. How does the Belair feel to the touch? Did you enjoy being photographed with it? When do you foresee yourself taking it out to shoot? Send us the link to your blog post and we will upload it onto our Facebook page. The blogger whose post gets the most likes on Facebook will win themselves a brand new Belair to keep forever!

1) The best-dressed individual will stand to win a Diana Baby 110 on the day itself and
2) The blog post with the most likes will stand to win a Belair X-16 City Slicker!

This is an open call for submissions. Please drop an email to by the 9th of January 2013, stating:

• A bit about you
• Your blog address
• A few lines about your blog (what you’re proudest about, etc.)
• Why you’d like to take part in this challenge

That’s it! Just a short email to us for a chance of first-class experience, challenge and to WIN two fabulous cameras! We will handpick 20 bloggers to take part, and keep you posted. Good luck!

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