A Tale of Two Cities: 3191 Miles Apart


3191 miles is the approximate distance between Portland, Maine, and Portland Oregon. It’s the title of a blog shared between two friends who live in the aforementioned cities. Their story is special and one we Lomographers may relate to.

Images via 3191 Miles Apart

Stephanie Congdon Barnes and Maria Alexandra Vettese met online in 2005 and became friends through their joint love of Arts and Crafts. They both live in Portland, however are 3191 miles apart owing to the fact they’re in different States. They began their first year-long project together on January 1, 2007 titled “3191: A Year of Mornings” for which they snapped one photo each morning, over a 365-day period, which was subsequently published into a book.

Images via 3191 Miles Apart

Barnes (SCB) and Vettese (MAV)’s more recent projects include “A Year of Evenings” and “A Year of Sundays”. Some photos from the latter are displayed above. SCB and MAV finally met up in 2008 after collaborating for two years and have exhibited in galleries, published books, and continue to tend their online magazine/blog and quarterly publications.

Image via 3191 Miles Apart

Does this sound familiar to you? Have you met an online friend through your shared passion of the analogue? Have you been swapping films for years and plan on meeting up in the near future, or have you already done so and are planning your next trip together? Share your stories and photos with us!

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Information for this article was taken from 3191 Miles Apart.

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