My 2013 Bucket List in Six Steps!


This are my 2013 hopes and dreams in six simple steps! Read on to find out more about my 2013 bucket list!

Credits: crevans27

1. Shoot more, develop more!

A simple but very important one! I realised on New Year’s Day I had six cameras with film loaded, three rolls shot ready for doubles, a massive fifty four just waiting to be shot! I also had 11 rolls just sat there waiting to be developed! Learning to develop was top of my bucket list last year and I’m so proud I’ve managed to do that but now I need to make sure I set aside more time to do this! New target: at least two rolls shot, developed, uploaded each month not just cramming everything into summer!

2. Become a lomo socialite!

This community is full of amazing members, I love it. I constantly browse on here, looking at pictures, reading articles, and occasionally writing my own. This year, I would like to get to know some members better, set up some doubles projects, finish the one I have already started with. I am the only person I actually personally know who shoots film so I would love to get to some meet ups, attend some lomo workshops, or just get to know anyone living alone the south coast! Which leads me onto number 3…

Credits: lomography-russia

3. Get to know my city!

I’ve recently moved to Brighton. I absolutely love it here. There is always so much going on and so many places to shoot that this year I need to spend some time just getting to know my city better and capturing it all on film!

Credits: bsmart, minibear & anafaro

4. Keep on experimenting!

In the last year I’ve attempted some DIY projects. Redscaling my own film, film destroy with lemon juice, trying to recreate the revolog film effects. This year, I intend to keep this up and push myself to do more experiments as they have created some of the most interesting images.

Credits: crevans27

5. Document and share!

I’ve always read through the blogs here. I like how personal they are and have got some great ideas. So this year I will get over the stage fright and give it a go myself, using it to share my thoughts, feelings, experiments, successes and failures! First attempt is already up….

Credits: buckshot

6. Last but definitely not least: get printed copies of my best images so far and continue to do this throughout the year to add to a scrap book to show my lomo adventure!

Credits: alicemay

Happy new year all and thanks for the great photos I’ve included!

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