Ready, Jetset(ter), Go!: New Year's Eve with My Belair X 6-12 Jetsetter


I took my Belair with me to our family New Year’s Eve Party…and the photos are simply stunning!

It was New Year’s Eve, and I was trying to decide which camera to bring along with me. I was wondering if I should take my small and handy Leica M4, (my bulky Mamiya RB67 was out of the question). I also didn’t want to bring my DSLR since I was meaning to shoot with film. Then, I remembered my Belair Jetsetter sitting in my cabinet next to my Diana F+ CMYK Edition. I bought it as a Christmas present to myself, but I never had the chance to use it since it arrived the same time as my RB67. S,o I decided that now would be a great time to use it.

With a 5 roll box of Kodak Portra 400 with me and the flash from my Diana F+, and the 6×9 mask attached, I was ready to shoot. The Belair X 6-12 Jetsetter was slick and stylish, and unique. It caught the attention of my wife’s cousins, and also her relatives. I guess no one really expected to see someone totting along a vintage looking analogue camera to a New Year’s Eve party. I burned through the first two rolls like nothing. Shooting with the Belair was a pleasure! The AE feature works quit well, and the Bulb funtion came in handy in getting those photographs of fireworks. All in all, it was a really capable camera.

Getting the negatives back from the lab was another surprise! The images were sharp, and it still has that signature lomo feel to them. Unfortunately, I had quite a number of chopped off heads. But I blame myself for not considering the vertical parallax when I took the photographs. All things considered, I am one happy puppy! I love using my Belair X 6-12 Jetsetter, and I look forward in uploading more photos from this slick, sexy, and outright awesome camera! BelAir X 6-12…simply bliss.

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