The Best New Belair Community Photos!


Belair X 6-12 cameras are being shipped out fast and you guys in the community have been uploading more and more fantastic photos by the day! Check out this selection of some of the finest shots uploaded in the past month and remember, if you are looking to pre-order the Belair, you only have until the 7th to order and save 15%!

Credits: kleeblatt, sixsixty, ck_berlin, grinningcat, walasiteodito, ccwu & dida

Lomography is thrilled to introduce the new Belair X 6-12, a pioneering auto-exposure 120 camera capable of shooting three splendid photo formats. Featuring high quality optics, a reliable folding bellows mechanism, fully automatic shutter settings and supported by an entire fleet of Lomography 120 films, the Belair X 6-12 is preparing to fly medium-format film into 2013 and far beyond.

written by tomas_bates on 2013-01-03 #news #belair #belair-x-6-12 #community-photos

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