The Friendship in Lomography; Blueskyandhardrock's LomoDiary

2013-01-04 23

A true and comfortable friendship is hard to find especially with all the strangers who surround us in this insane world.

But when you’ve met that one friend you are truly happy with, then it is no doubt a wonderful feeling! And that is what this month’s LomoDiary, from blueskyandhardrock, has to express. Let us know more about her analogue experiences and how Lomography keeps her happy!

Name: Michelle Rae
Lomography Username: blueskyandhardrock
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Number of years as a Lomographer: More than three years now
Number of years in the Community: As long as I’ve been a Lomographer!

Kindly relate to us any memorable experience, whether happy or sad, you’ve had in relation to Lomography.

What’s so great about Lomography is the fact that you can easily connect with some wonderful AND innately talented people from all over the world. You can have such strong connections with them even before meeting them in person all because you share the same passion! I have met some really great friends through Lomography like ceduxi0n, adbigmilk, vicuna, peropero, lomosexual_manboy, titidvivant, and satomi. And while over the years I’ve lost touch with some of those people, the memories I have of them and the things I’ve learned from them are so amazing that I still feel connected to them. I am forever grateful to this Community for paving the way for us to meet, online or in person.

Credits: blueskyandhardrock

I actually met one of my best friends through the Community – myloveletter (you might know her from the inspiring underwater photos she’s produced over the years!) I met her through Lomography and when I was on one of my summer road trips, we arranged to meet in St. Augustine in Florida where she was living then. I stayed overnight at her place and that entire night, we talked over wine and beer like we have been friends for years, even though that was the first time we’ve met in person! Since then, we’ve gone through a lot together. Now, we’re better friends than ever!

Myloveletter’s underwater photo series.

What are the emotions that best explain this story you have? What are your thoughts about it?

Serenity is probably the best word to describe how I feel. I feel at peace because it gives me a sense of being connected to people, of belongingness. It makes me feel that I am not alone and I have people like myloveletter who are not only great friends but also share my intense love for Lomography.

If ever this experience did not occur in your life, what kind of person are you right now? Are you not the same person without this experience?

Honestly, I wouldn’t be an entirely different person. But I also wouldn’t be completely who I am now had I not met myloveletter and the others because each and every person I have met through this Community has influenced me in one way or another. Really, it’s all thanks to Lomography because they gave me the gift of belongingness and friendship!

Head on and see blueskyandhardrock’s personal Lomo gallery!

Credits: blueskyandhardrock

One of the best things about Lomography is the fact that you can easily connect with some wonderful people that share your interests.

Credits: blueskyandhardrock

I am forever grateful to this Community for making it possible for me to meet other Lomographers.

Credits: blueskyandhardrock

I met one of my very best friends, myloveletter, through Lomography.

Credits: blueskyandhardrock

The first time I met myloveletter in person, we talked like we have been friends forever!

Got a story to share? How important is Lomography in your life? Your story might just be perfect for our LomoDiary so head on and give me a line at!

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