My 2013 Analogue Resolutions


In this brand new year of 2013, I hope that I would be able to continue sustaining my analogue life without any obstruction and opposition. Here are my 5 resolutions to be achieved in this year.

Ever since I have started my journey in Lomography, I could hardly remember the existence of my digital camera. I cherish Lomography as it sparks creativity, trains me to be patient in capturing the ‘right’ moment, and at the same time, enables me to act fast whenever I see something that lures my eyes. This year, I would like to accomplish the following:

Resolution #1: Try out new film
Being an 8-month-old Lomo baby, I am still a curious noob who continues to explore and look up to the ‘seniors’; reading as much tipster articles to strengthen every knowledge about analogue photography. Knowing the basics is the origin of creativity! I have experimented on a few types of film in 2012, and I won’t stop trying out new films, either it be 120 or 35mm, until my wallet suffers starvation (maybe).

Credits: sandkorn, anarchy, albeelee, bravebird, goonies & i_am_four-eyes

Photos captured with film I want to try so badly.

Resolution #2: Explore the full potential of my cameras
Recently, I won a Diana F+ Cuvee Prestige from a Corky Rumble organized by @lomographysg, which is an added companion to my Diana Mini and La Sardina.

This is my first time winning a camera and a 120, no less. There is so much about Diana F+, aside from the different films that can fill it. It will also give me the chance to attempt doing pinholes for the first time. My La Sardina is 4-months-old now and it has yet to consume 10 rolls of film. I wish I could dig out every single traits in these cameras.

My previous photos by La Sardina and Diana Mini

Resolution #3: Write at least 2 articles per month
I love to express myself in words and pictures. That pushes me to share my happiness and my victorious explorations to the community as I gain more analogue knowledge. Last year, I successfully published 12 articles, and I will strive hard to produce even more in 2013. This is also a way to save me some money by earning piggies for films or even another camera.

Resolution #4: Socialize in the analogue world
I have not yet to participate in a Lomography workshop before. That is largely due to my schedule that forbids me to attend most of the workshops. Also, sometimes, I get to be a little bit shy while making new friends. But this year I want myself to be different! I want to step out of my comfort zone and be sociable.

Resolution 5: To be inspired and to inspire
There are so many talented members in the community. The one I admire the most is @hodachrome. His shots are always so stunning that I could stare it out of its awesomeness. Some photos are very harmonious in a sense that it is so peaceful. I would definitely continue to be inspired, and my way to pay back is to bring more people to the Lomography family, so that the precious moments in this world could be captured in analogue.

Credits: hodachrome

These resolutions are now carved in my mind. Lomography will never leave my life and neither will I leave it. I wish myself and everybody else the very best. Have a SHUTTER-BLAST in 2013!

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