My Analogue Bucket List: Analogue Aspirations for 2013

2013-01-03 2

To be a productive member of Lomography, I came up with this list to set my analogue goals straight. Hola 2013, I hope you’ll be great!

Credits: feelux

I feel blessed that I’ve accomplished 4 out of 7 items from my last year’s bucket list. I hope I can top that with this year’s bucket list.

1. Shoot outside of my usual range of subjects

Due to the possessive nature of my work, I usually don’t get time to shoot around; thus, I’m only able to shoot a range of areas (but I do my best to mix it up a bit so I don’t end up with the same photos). However, I can manage my time to work my way around that. I’ll do my best to shoot new things this year.

Credits: feelux

2. Be a Part of an Exhibit

Unfortunately, I hadn’t seen any notice for a photo exhibition last year. But this year I’ll be more vigilant; I hope I get to join one this time around.

3. Win a Major Competition

I haven’t been much vigilant in this area of the website. I want to change that this year; Since I’ve accumulated quite a lot of photos, I feel that I’m more flexible now in terms of photo submissions.
I hope I can cross this out this year!

4. Focus on using cameras more than buying cameras

Buying isn’t all that bad but at the rate that I’m going, I’d like to pause for a while and focus on/master some, if not all, of my cameras. I’m currently happy with my arsenal, and I think it’s time to train myself in using them.

5. Do More Film Swaps (Doubles) with other Lomographers from all the corners of the World

I’ve successfully done doubles with @mishika, @boobert, @walasiteodito, and @hans12. I have a couple of doubles rolls to be shot and developed and I want to do more. It’s not an easy task but it’s really fun to do and it’s rewarding when it turns out well. If you haven’t tried it, I recommend that you do! Send me a PM if want to do doubles with me.

6. Experiment more with all the analogue possiblities

I’ve done a few experiments last year, and I’m definitely hungry for more; I just need to get my creative juices flowing and let my imagination do the rest. The Lomography community contributed a big part to my small experiments here and there last year; I hope to do more and to do something that’ll leave a mark in this community.

Credits: feelux

That’s all for now. How about you? How’s that list going?

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  1. ghabynha
    ghabynha ·

    Let's swap films!

  2. feelux
    feelux ·

    @ghabynha Sure, why not? :D

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