Lomography Recap: December 2012

2013-01-03 17

To officially bring Lomography’s stellar 2012 to a close, here we have the best of the best that December had to offer. Let’s take a brief look back, and celebrate the end of a smashing year, and the start of another!

Top Photos of November 2012

While we have a running series of most popular photos uploaded each month, we know you want to see more of those breath-taking skies, interesting people, dreamy landscapes, and many other fascinating scenes. Therefore, allow us to present you a more complete gallery of December 2012’s most popular photos below:

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Lomography’s Newsmakers

Photo via PetaPixel

We started off December with awesome news. First off, Ilford unveils two new B&W disposable cameras, while embattled Kodak avoids bankruptcy. Huzzah!

Other notable stories last December were analogue darling Japan Camera Hunter visits the Philippines, ace photographer Ian Ruther converts a Holga into a wet plate camera, an awesosme photo project of the moon living on earth, and of course, Lomography's most popular photos in 2012!

Living the Analogue Lifestyle

Credits: lazybuddha & mamontovas

On the lifestyle end of things, we shed the spotlight on three individuals: our resident LomoGuru Lazybuddha, Newcomer Mamontovas, and we asked 12 analogue questions with Michal Pudelka. We hope to see more of your guys’ work in the future!

To celebrate camera day, we showcased 16 iconic cameras we’ve introduced. Can you name them all? Speaking of naming a large assortment of things, we also shared with you guys a gallery of the International LomoStaff. We think it’s high time you placed a face to our usernames here!

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There’s plenty more galleries that made the rounds in December. There’s the Lubitel 166 winter holidays gallery, a collection of overexposed but beautiful Lomographs, and an assortment of naughty film experiments. We’ve also got 10 Christmas facts you probably didn't Know, and a query on your favorite choice of Kodak film.


It should be no surprise that December’s best reviews are peppered with confessions of love to the Belair. What can I say? It is a sexy beast. We’ve got Uncle Corn's first shots, 5 things to be careful with your Belair at the beginning courtesy of the Lomostaff, The Digital Camera Magazine review of the Belair, first impressions with the Belair Globetrotter, and user troch's account of the Belair interrupting his day in the best of ways. Two reviews came in from the Land of the Rising Sun as well, one from kikuzumi and one from shoooter

Credits: stratski

For other camera reviews, we’ve got the rare and funky Great Wall DF Camera, the Olympus AF-10 Twin, and the LC-A Instant Back


Credits: marlenes

Lomography’s Tipsters was afflicted with the Belair fever as well! There’s the awesome Belair light painting party, and 5 tips with shooting with the Belair

For everyday shooting tips, Japan’s MX master hodachrome shares tips you can use on a daily photowalk. From the rest of the community, we have tips on making the most of 120 film by shooting 16 sqaures, having fun with microclicks, taking self portraits with the Instax Mini, and a handy guide to shooting at the beach

If you’re into the more extreme or DIY side of Tipsters, you can try out bleaching and re-processing your film, painting over your prints, and even putting them inside bottles!


Credits: saidseni

Travel addicts had a field day for Locations back in December. We featured the best Sprocket Rocket Locations of 2012, and 500 days of the real Los Angeles. Crazy shoppers will have their hands full with the shopping district of Divisoria, Manila and Singapore’s new shopping destination dubbed as the Garden City in the East. We were also treated to a different view of Lisbon and its graffiti. An then of course there’s the winter wonderland that is Winnipeg, Canada

December also showcased different Locations that involve transportation. There is of course the world famous London Underground, Cologne's exquisite cableway, and the old-school of the Steeltown Shakedown in Western Pennsylvania

How about you, can you recall any of your milestones from December 2012? Why don’t you tell us about them with a comment below, or better yet, submit an article about your 2012 in analogue!

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