Why Don´t We Recycle Christmas!


What makes Christmas day a special one is not only the gifts we received or that pudding mum made you, but also the analogue love you can only get from Lomography! And it’s about time to give back the holiday love to your film cameras, they have feelings too, you know! Get to know how it’s done with this Tipster I have here!

Gifts for the Analogue Soul

Opening presents under a Christmas tree is really exciting! You get so hyped up as you carelessly tear apart the gleaming paper/plastic wrapped on your present, until it reveals what you’ll be getting this year. Sounds fun right? It will be more enjoyable if you will not throw that gift wrapper as it will make someone’s day more festive! Your Lomo camera that is!

I thought of dressing up my Fisheye 1 with those materials for wrapping presents, they’re so pretty just to be thrown away. For this one, I’ve made something of a pattern that will fit this camera – just like how fashion designers normally do. Put some holes in there enough for the lens and flash to get through, as well as some necessary spaces for the flash switch, shutter button and the winder a the back.

After that, use any kind of a gift wrap design you can have – don’t worry, Lomo cameras will look beautiful with any – just trace the pattern on it, cut it out, have your camera try it on and voila! It fits perfectly! I used Sellotape for this one; any other kind of strong adhesive might ruin the surface of your camera.

That Warm Festive Feeling

It’s that time again when the days are short and nights are longer, and all you could do is to stay at your room, snuggle under the pillow and wait for Santa Claus – or someone – to fill your Christmas stockings. Come Christmas day, nothing’s in there, maybe you’re too old for this kind of stuff…

So what to do with those empty stockings? Well, don’t let it wait for the next Christmas, have your cameras wear them! It’s really simple, just cut holes in it and try not to cover the viewfinder, lens and flash. Then put your camera inside it, this time I used my Fed 5 as well as my Fisheye 1.And that’s it, now you’re ready for some winter Lomo shooting and protect your camera from the cold!

Speaking of which, I can’t help but notice this Christmas garland around the tree we have here. And guess what I did with it? Wrapped it around my Fisheye and it looks so fabulously dazzling!

By this simple effort of re-using things, one can really have fun this holiday season and transform the winter blues you’re having into lo-fi cuteness! And through this, everyone and everything can have a Happy Christmas in this Lomographic world we live in! Yay!

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    Ahaha nice Santa's cameras !

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    ))))))))))))great presents!))

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    that is actually adorable:D

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