Don't Be Afraid of Moving Your Camera!

2013-01-02 1

One most often thinks about exposure time when shooting in a dark setting. So what setting befits an eight-second exposure? When attempting to capture the night scenes in your city? Perhaps, but let artist Nicolas Ruel provide you with a less conventional answer!

Photo is taken from Nicolas Ruel

Whenever you shoot with long exposure, it’s suggested you use a tripod to prevent any unwanted shaky shots. If someone accidentally makes your camera shake, you’d probably be peeved. However, Canadian Artist Nicolas Ruel treats these “movements” during exposure as a change in perspective!

Photos are taken from Nicolas Ruel

This series of photography is named 8 Secondes as Ruel sets his camera to an eight-second exposure and changes the perspective mid-shot. As a result, there will be a multiple-exposure effect within the pictures.

Photos are taken from Nicolas Ruel

Ruel traveled to cities such as London, New York and Paris for this 8-seconds project. He repeatedly features city-staples including ports, terminals and highways as they signify points of transition and are thus his favorite shooting locations!

Photos are taken from Nicolas Ruel

Generally, people may treat random and abrupt camera movements during exposure to be mistakes. Nevertheless, mishaps are sometime little treats as they’ll allow us a brand new perspective which we should constantly be searching for as artists. As Lomographers, we’re free to engage in all things risky, related to photography of course! So let’s carve a path (a wobbly one perhaps) with our experiments!

Information from this article is taken from Nicolas Ruel and Slash.

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