Creative Corner: Glass Gift Jar

2013-01-02 1

Perfect for any gift; camera related or not as long as it fits! A beach-y presentation that just about anyone can enjoy. Read on to see how it’s done! :)

First off I would like to apologize for being absent for so long, it is college application season and things are getting pretty crazy around here for me! I’ve got lots to do…

Anyway, for this homemade beach/gift jar, you will need:

  • Shells, relatively & thin ones; mine are about 1-2 inches wide. (Most craft stores will have this!)
  • Acrylic paint and a thin brush
  • Card stock
  • A drill with a small bit (I used a 3/64)
  • A glass jar (mine is a 2 pint jam jar)
  • Raffia string (any type of thick/wide string will work)

1. Drill holes into the the base of the shells. Forewarning: your arm will get sore because it takes a while…

2. Paint designs on the shells! I gave these out as Christmas presents, so I used red paint and mostly striped patterns to give it a candy cane/holiday feel to it.

3. Punch holes into your card stock for the tags and string the raffia through them. Then, place a shell on either side of the card.

4. Tie the raffia around the neck of the jar with a big bow!

5. Fill the jar with whatever you please! For any analogue lovers, you may choose to throw in a few rolls of film or roll up your favorite photo. To go along with the beach theme, you can fill the jar halfway with sand and sea glass!
I filled my jar with baking ingredients; I gave my friends the necessities to make Chocolate Peppermint Bark Cookies! (For easy recipes, you can layer the ingredients to look like sand art!)

(I may decide to write up the recipe to post here on Lomography if a few people are interested!)

6. Lastly, don’t forget to address your gift! You can do it any way you like. I used a sticker on the front for the names and put the recipe and directions on the inside. Voila!

Now remember, this isn’t just a holiday gifting idea, a little bit of the beach is great for any time of the year :)

Creative crafts and words by Natalie Fong. Originally from Taipei, Taiwan. Natalie now lives in Honolulu, Hawaii. Read more of the Creative Corner series.

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