Still Dreaming of a Lomo Holiday: Letter to Melchior, Caspar, and Baltazar for a Panoramic Christmas Gift!


Santa Claus did not come over my place last Christmas. Fortunately, here where I live, it’s more traditional to wait until January 6th’s morning to find out if the Three Kings received your letter and left a gift around. So, I kept dreaming of a nice Lomo Holiday!

Credits: javiergap

Last Christmas Day, I woke up early in the morning and run into the living room to find out if Santa had considered leaving anything around…

Credits: walasiteodito

…but he didn’t.

During the last weeks I have been participating in the local Lomography Advent Calendar Competition, uploading a matching-requirements picture daily to see if I was able to make it for at least one single day, and receive a nice Lomography camera this holidays…

Credits: javiergap

…but it didn’t happen either.

Fortunately, here where I live, our tradition is not to rely on Santa Claus for Christmas holidays’ gifts, but to the Three Kings. These here, the beloved Kings from the East, won’t be coming around until January 5th’s Eve, bearing gifts to all the children (young and old) around. That gave me five more days to dream of a very special Lomo Holiday.

During the past year, I have behaved quite well, and therefore, I’m hoping that they will reward me with any item from this tiny analogue wishlist I sent them weeks ago, to the far, far East:

1. Horizon Perfekt
2. Spinner 360
3. Sprocket Rocket

Oh, yes… You got it! I do not have a panoramic analogue camera yet, but I keep dreaming of one!!

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