My 2012 in Analogue


2012 has been an awesome journey. What’s more awesome, it’s all captured in film! Here’s my part of 2012.

Credits: miiksy

As I’m typing this, there are fireworks already going off outside my house, marking the start of 2013. As I’m going through my photos, I’ve realized how much getting involved with Lomography has changed me. I now bring my babies (a Diana Mini En Rose called Sunshine and a Fisheye No. 2 Pink called Giggle) around me, wherever I go.. whether it be a hangout with friends or when traveling.

Spending 2012 as my gap year has been awesome! I traveled to places I never thought I would go. It gave me an amazing experience. And not only that, wherever I go, everyone kept asking whether my babies are toys or real cameras. It made me giggle sometimes.

This year, I went to China and had a one of a kind cultural experience. With no knowledge of Chinese language, I managed to survive and went home with packed luggage full of new clothes, new accessories, and souvenirs!

Read my article published in Lomography here: China with the Fisheye 2.

Credits: miiksy

I also went to Hong Kong! Although I barely spent much time there, but I enjoyed this trip a lot! Hong Kong is beautiful and has a lot of hidden treasures!

Credits: miiksy

Not only that.. Lomography has been with me on the most important day of my life: entering the university! Amazing how my babies could bring everyone together, and it was great capturing my new friends’ smiles all in one roll of film!

Credits: miiksy

So thank you Lomography, thank you for being with me through out the year!

As for now, I have to find a shop which develops film since my previous ones stopped….

Nevertheless, Happy New Year everyone!

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