Bubbly Photo by Bubble Wrap


This is a failed yet beautiful tipster. Try it yourself to produce a dreamier photo than your usual dreamy Lomographs!

At first I wanted to produce some really decent bokeh-shots with my Diana Mini like this:

Taken by my Olympus Trip 35

After I had done some research from the internet, I found out that it is quite impossible to do that due to the restraint of the focal length and aperture of the camera. But something popped in my mind when I was cleaning up my room. I saw the bubble wrap which used as the protection for my parcel. I put it in front of my eyes and peek through it, the lights of the lamp posts outside my house seems to flicker and becomes something like a bokeh shots.

So I decided to try to produce some bokeh shots with the bubble wrap wrapped against the lens of my Diana Mini like this, wah-lah:

Well, that is my absolute ignorant imagination, of course. (Now, I recalled my stupidity.) However, it comes out with quite interesting results! I used the closest focus, cloudy setting with ‘B’ mode for the following shots.

Credits: an_lai_drew

Try it youselves to produce ultra-dreamy lomograph! Happy 2013! :)

written by an_lai_drew on 2013-01-14 #gear #tutorials #camera #dreamy #tipster #quickie-tipster #failed-experiment #bubble-wrap #select-type-of-tipster

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