Century City: From Backlot to Center Stage


Century City’s trademark Century Park Towers rise like twin prisms over West Los Angeles. Once a backlot of 20th Century Fox, Century City was developed as “a city within a city.”

Century City skyscrapers rise above the LA basin between downtown and the Pacific Ocean. The Century Park towers — some of the first skyscrapers to be built in Los Angeles after the 1960s’ lifting of earthquake-related height restrictions — beg for a wide angle lens. Glass, stones, landscaping and concrete make a study in contrasts. The Annenberg Space for Photography is located in Century City.

The area was once a backlot of 20th Century Fox. Its developers planned it as a “city within a city.” The area is home to more than 5,000 residents as well as headquarters to MGM, the Creative Artists Agency and 20th Century Fox.

The sleek glass-sheathed angles of the buildings have been featured in several movies, including “A Guide for the Married Man” (1967), “Caprice” (1967), “Conquest of the Planet of the Apes” (1972) and “Die Hard” (1988).

Several bridges over streets make this a wonderful location for capturing LA’s traffic. The severe, soaring angles of the buildings and reflective walls are a delight for wide-angle or fisheye photography. The top floors of the buildings offer views to the Pacific Ocean to the west or downtown Los Angeles on the east.

The dramatic lighting of the buildings is a real “Lomo op” against a garish LA sunset.

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  1. stouf
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    Hohoo ! Great use of wide angle here ! The shots are excellent !!! And also super reflections !!!

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