Give LomoLove this Holiday Season: Film for My Sister


For last year’s Christmas, my sister and I decided not to buy each other presents, but to make some ourselves. I really liked the idea. Before we made this decision I already thought of giving her some film, and I found several with some crazy colors that I thought she would like. So, why not make them myself!

I already saw some pictures of destroyed film on Lomography, I liked the outcome and they were similar to the result I was going for. Articles of crevans27 (“Destroying Film to Play with Color”) and cohetesnaranjas (“They Call Me The Filmdestroyer”) were very helpful.

As they say in the articles, you have to choose a destroyer for your film. The examples they gave me were lemon and red wine. So I went to my fridge and took a look around. I found some oranges and a little leftover cava. I filled a thermos with some hot water and squeezed in the juice of an orange and a twinge of cava. I stirred it all together and dropped some lomography color film in. I let it soak for half an hour and stirred it some more every 10 minutes. I had to stir because if I shaked it, the whole thing starts to bubble up.

After half an hour, I took the film out and let it dry in some tissue paper on the heating. When the film seemed dry I went to a dark space as is advised in the article of crevans27 to unroll the film. It was very difficult when I started to unroll the film because it was so sticky. So, I unrolled it a few times and then it went pretty smooth.

To make it all what more festive I made a new sticker for the canister and called the film Orange Bubble film, the graphic designer in me i guess. So my sister would know what to do I got some tips from the articles and put them on a card.

Now it’s finished I hope she’s going to like it. She will probably post the results on her home xgitte!

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