From the Bottom of the Bargain Bin Pt 2: Chinon Manami 35FS

2013-01-01 1

A continuing series where I review films and cameras I spent less than 5$ on. Found in second hand stores, on-line auctions and freebies, these are the forgotten gems -and not so gems.

I found this Camera sitting in a basket at our local Value village for less than 5$ and I simply had to buy it.

Once again what we have is a camera I can hardly find a single scrap of information on. What I do know is that Chinon is a Japanese camera manufacturer that was bought out by Kodak in the 90’s and continues to make digital cameras.

On this particular Model I have very little to go on other than it has a 35mm lens, auto winds and has ISO setting ranging from 25-400. The focus is similar/identical to a Holga and Diana where you have four settings to choose from. There is also a pop up type flash. I threw some Revolog Volvox film into the camera and went to town

So is this camera worth it?

The lens is a little soft but that softness is universal throughout the image, with very little vignetting or blur. I really like how vivid the colours come out in this camera. Add to that a powerful flash and you have a pretty cool camera.

I like how this camera operates like an automatic Holga or a diana giving it a classic Lomo feel. This is a great camera for any setting that requires hassle free operation such as street or event/lifestyle photography.

written by asile23 on 2013-01-01 #gear #review

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  1. lodelday
    lodelday ·

    Thank you very much for the article! I just bought myself a Chinon 35mm FS-2, nice to know that my little bargain was worth the 5 bucks I spend on it. I'll be using it as a party-cam, can't wait to see the results!

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