Taking Back Tipsters: Photographing Fireworks


Few more days left before we bid 2012 farewell and welcome the coming year with a bang! Are you ready to photograph the night sky ablaze with fireworks this coming New Year’s Eve? Don’t worry, we come to your rescue with a Taking Back Tipsters installment on photographing fireworks!

We are well aware that it can be a challenge to take beautiful fireworks photos in film. So, to help you prepare for the big event this coming New Year’s Eve, we scoured the Tipster section for some neat tips and tricks on fireworks photography. Find out which cameras, films, and techniques you will need in these tipsters by lomographers, for lomographers!

Here’s a quick list of links, along with some photos that should get you inspired!

Credits: digitaljunk

Fire Away! Series by digitaljunk

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Tips for Taking Firework Photos by easilydistracted

Quickie Tipster: Fireworks Sensations by pvalyk

Credits: lilithmoon

Taking Pictures of Fireworks by lilithmoon

How to Get Flowers Out of Fireworks: A Nighttime Photography Technique (David Johnson’s technique shared by blablabla-anab)

Have fun and good luck with your fireworks photography! Don’t forget to share your photos with us! Happy New Year, and we hope your 2012 was a good one!

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