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Diana F+ Lenses can do a whole lot of fantastic things but they won´t overrule physics. Your film or sensor format sets the boarders to the lenses field of view…

The field of view you get from a lens depends on its focal length and the format the film/camera sensor has. If you use your Diana F+ Lenses with the adaptors you´ll propably use them on a 35mm Camera instead of a medium format snapshooter as the Diana is one, and yet the film size has changed – which results in a cropped exposure.

The bigger the film format or camera sensor, the bigger the picture angle will be – which on the other hand means the smaller your film or sensor the smaller the angle of field of view cought on film will be. That´s why you don´t get a full fisheye effect when using the Diana F+ fisheye lens on a 35mm SLR camera. For digital SLRs with non full-size APS-C sensor the crop-factor is even bigger than for 35mm film. To get an idea of what each lens will do on a 35mm and APS-C sensor camera we did some math for you.

Even if the focal length of a lens won´t change – used on different film formats the effects can differ – the focal lenght numbers given for 35mm and APS-C sensors describe the focal length of our Diana F+ lenses equivalent to 35 mm and digital APS-C sensor SLRs.
The Diana F+ 38mm Super Wide Lense on a 35 mm is equivalent to a 72mm standard lens. Used on a APS-C sensor DSLR it has the effect of a 115mm tele lens!
The Diana F+ 20mm Fisheye Lens used on 35mm cameras has the effect of a 38mm Wide Angle Lens. On an APS-C sensor it´s equivalent to a 60mm lens.
The Diana F+ 55mm Close-up & Wide-angle Lens is equivalent to a 105mm telephoto – lens when attached to your 35mm camera. Mounted on an APS-C DSLR you get an amazing 170mm super – tele effect.
The Diana F+ 110 mm Telephoto Lens in combination with any 35mm camera will act like a 200mm super tele lens. With an APS-C the Telephoto Lens is equivalent to a 320mm super – duper – tele lens!

Note: The focal length of a lens won´t change if you use different film formats but the film format determines which part of the image is on film! What happens can be compared to what´s known as crop factor – when you are using a 35mm SLR lens on a digital SLR camera with APS-C or similar sized sensors.

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  1. abcdefuck
    abcdefuck ·

    what about the wide/closeup-lens? i can't find it in the shop... :(

  2. nural
    nural ·

    I should have gotten the adaptor when I bought the lenses!!!

  3. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    greaaaat info

  4. somapic
    somapic ·

    the wide angle/ closeup lens will soon be back in stock!

  5. stouf
    stouf ·

    Always good to see mandy's face ! 8D

  6. pantsuitugggh
    pantsuitugggh ·

    You forgot to mention that the crop factor between Canon and Nikon is different. Nikon is 1.5 and Canon is 1.6.

  7. mandi
    mandi ·

    digital is crop!

  8. carocaro
    carocaro ·

    seems to good to be true
    however, in many respects it is,
    you will not get a fisheye effect on an dSLR using the lens
    at best you will get is a slightly wider angle shot.

  9. brianbot
    brianbot ·

    awesome research. thanks!

  10. tandoan
    tandoan ·

    I bought the deluxe kit so I have all of the lenses and used them with my canon 400d and to be honest I was quite disappointed, I knew in advance about the crop factor but didn't expect it to so bad. Because of the smaller sensors in entry level DSLR you lose pretty much all of the vignetting. Though what i did do is super glue the fish eye view finder to the 55mm lens and got some cool fish eye shots from it and the closest thing to shooting pics on a diana

  11. angelinekwan
    angelinekwan ·

    I have recently brought the Diana F+ adapter and Fisheye lens but it doesn't really show the fisheye effect on the picture. What setting should I use to get the best of fisheye?

  12. tashabelle
    tashabelle ·

    i got the canon adaptor and both the lenses.
    im extremely dissapointed.
    i wish i knew this all before i asked for them for xmas.
    such a dissapointment. i'll probably be selling them . >_< if lomography wont take them back
    Ticks me off frankly , Lomography used to be my favorite

  13. ijester
    ijester ·

    Thanks for the great information. I was wondering why my fisheye didn't turn out like a fisheye.

  14. pommev
    pommev ·

    So there is no solution to fix my adaptator to fully fisheye effect?

  15. romany_bones
    romany_bones ·

    I recently got the lens bundle for my Canon digital SLR and am quite dissaponted with the effects to be honest. They were a gift so don't want to ask to return them. Does anyone have any hints/tips to get the best out of the lenses on an SLR any particular settings etc that they will work better with? I already have a Diana F+ so can use them on this and my 35mm but would like to get the best out of my digital SLR too.

  16. dannie_lions
    dannie_lions ·

    Same here Tashabelle. I got the set for Christmas and it was clearly a waste of money since I was expecting them to "work" on my digital.......not the case. So I just got the 35mm adapter for my Diana and will be working with all of those lenses on there. Good to know I wasn't the only one experiencing such disappointment.

  17. vvchoo92
    vvchoo92 ·

    I bought the adaptor but it seems like doesnt work in my Nikon D3100 :( Couldn't found the way!

  18. catameringue
    catameringue ·

    Oooh might have to try the Canon adapter for my (non-digital) SLR & the lens off my Hong Meow Diana camera! :)

  19. k_olya
    k_olya ·

    i wonder if Diana F+ lens are suitable for Zorki 4 or Zenith cameras? It would be nice, if they do.

  20. jalbright
    jalbright ·

    So, if I'm reading this correctly, the other variable in figuring out the corrected focal length is 1.875?

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