Counting Down My 2012 in Analogue

2013-01-07 2

While counting down to the end of 2012, this is a lomo-harvesting year for me. I <3 Lomography!

Credits: an_lai_drew

First of all, thank god that we all survived from the rumored ‘end of the world’! Second all, thanks to Lomography for providing me so much fun and moments that I could not forget! I realize that every morning the first thing I do after waking up is to observe the sky, to see whether it’s a good day to shoot. Then, with what kind of film to express my mood. I load the camera, then go to school, workplace, everywhere, the camera in my pouch.

So I started the count down and reviewed what I have achieved in this community.

A total of 12 articles I have written.

11 different kind of films I have tried.

10 rolls of film burnt by my first analogue camera, the lovely Diana Mini.

Credits: an_lai_drew

9 albums published. Well, the number may sound a little bit low, but I am working on it. Stay tuned!

I am an 8-month-old lomo baby.

I was awarded with 7 badges. Way to go, way to go, baby!

I got 6 likes for my most popular photo. (No pressure, readers!)

Credits: an_lai_drew

5 Lomowalls.

4 Location articles submitted.

Photos from my previous Locations articles.

3 Review articles submitted.

2 Tipster articles submitted.

The photos are taken with the aid of DIY Splitzer. I shared how to make one in a tipster!

1 Mission: To be a faithful lomographer!

So, this is a conclusive round-up I have made up myself. What I could say about lomography is, it has really changed the way I live. I always bring at least one camera with a few fresh films with me now, wherever I go. That is largely affected by the way I have changed, I became interested in my surroundings—everything, from human, to animal, to tiny little objects that people will neglect or not look at. Lomography has magnified my visions, in the way that was not used to be. I love to share, to share my happiness, to inspire others, to be one from the mass lomo community, spreading the LomoLove.

Happy New Year, Lomographers around the world!

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  1. myloft
    myloft ·

    love how you've written this with the number countdown! made it really interesting to read :)

  2. an_lai_drew
    an_lai_drew ·

    @myloft, AHHA! Thank U!

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