Lomography Russia in 2012: Top 5 Events!

Year 2012 had come to an end, and we want to recollect and share its brightest moments. We want to thank the Russian and International Community for staying tuned, for sharing all those amazing photos, impressions and ideas! This year was so saturated and colorful largely thanks to you! Here is the recap of the 5 most significant events of the past year for Lomography Russia.

1. April 2012: The Big Lomography Pinhole Workshop

Every year, at the last Sunday of April, all photographic community celebrates World Pinhole Day. This year, Lomography Russia arranged big workshop in Moscow City. After some theory, during which participants learned fundamentals of pinhole photography, our comrades made some DIY reusable pinhole cameras, loaded it with medium format film and went out to the streets to get their first pinhole experience.

2. June 2012: Lomography at Faces&Laces

On June the 23-24th the sixth interactive exhibition and music festival Faces&Laces held in Gorky Park, Moscow, Russia. This unique event annually gathers brands and people, who somehow associate themselves with street art. Lomography Russia took part in this event for the third time this year.
Specially for this huge project and with the active participation and help of Russian Lomographic Community, the big LomoWall was created of the brightest film photos, reflecting the theme of street culture as: streetwear, graffiti, sports and extraordinary, artistic lifestyle.

This year on the Faces&Laces festival we were the first xommunity in the Lomographic world to proudly present the new La Sardina Do-It-Yourself Edition. Two workshops dedicated to La Sardina were arranged during the festival and we showed everyone the first customized designs of the DIY cameras by our friends from the graffiti and street art community. Also we presented the project of agitation graphics dedicated the American street activist and designer Shepard Fairey’s creation. It was the series of posters “Фотографируй!” (means “shoot!”), inspired the most famous Fairey’s work called “Andre The Giant”. All the Lomographic events and activities during the “Faces&Laces” festival were scrupulously shot by the special combat detachment of the photographers “Lomography Squad” with the new La Sardina DIY.

3. November 2012: The Lomographic matinee “20 years anniversary”

November 5th saw The Worldwide Lomographic Community’s 20th birthday! We celebrated this fabulous event by the matinee in Lomography style! The place we picked, with the fireplace and candles, tasty hot coffee, vintage chandelier and antique piano of the coffeshop in the very center of St. Petersburg called Кофе на Кухне (means “Coffee at the kitchen”) fit our analogue event ideally.

We announced the latest news of the International Community with Lomographers, shared some info about the 110 format, showed some rare 110 format cameras and let everyone shoot with Fisheye Baby 110 and Diana baby 110 durind the meeting. Another analogue activity was to bring films for doubles and printed photos to share and exchange them with everyone. And, of course, we prepared huge cake decorated with the Lomography logo and champagne! We enjoyed the event very much and everyone was so happy and inspired by communicating with like-minded Lomographers!

4. November 2012:The project “Plyonochnaya” launching

In the middle of November Lomography Russia presented the totally new project for Russia called «Plyonochnaya» (means “film”) which is now the first Professional and friendly scanning and developing film lab. «Plyonochnaya» is not afraid of photo craziness and any kind of analogue experiments. We develop and scan all kinds of films: 35mm, medium format, panoramic shots with perforation, and creation of LomoKino movies as well. The main aim of the project is to arrange a friendly lab for every Lomographer from any corner of our big country and expand their artistic ambitions and encourage their experiments!

5. December 2012: The First Lomography Pop-Up Store in Russia opening.

In the beginning of December, the First Lomography Pop-Up Store in Russia was opened! It was placed in the very heart of Moscow city in the Tsvetnoy Central Market which is on the Tsvetnoy boulevard nearby the subway station with the same name. This place is intended to be the center of everyone’s attention and is going to become the truly special for the film photo fans and those who practice an artistic, bright and crazy lifestyle.

The Lomography brand Store is situated on the third floor and is absolutely impossible not to be noticed. Huge LomoFloor on the perimeter of the shopping area is made of 3888 colourful brilliant film photos. This endless stream of faces, smiles, emotions and impressions catch your eyes and hypnotize your mind. The professional consultants, who are experienced Lomographers as well, will orient you in the wide choice of different Lomography cameras with great designs and films which will serve you in any of your artistic needs. The special limited editions and the new products will appear first in Russia in this Lomography Pop-Up Store in Moscow.

The Lomography Pop-Up Store in Moscow is the place to be with its character and atmosphere, the place where Moscow Lomographers and travelers could meet, talk and exchange films for doubles. It is the real place where all the Lomography newcomers may ask all the questions and choose the adorable cameras. So simply put, the Lomography Pop-Up Store in Moscow is the great place where everyone can satisfy all his Lomography needs and fulfill his analogue dreams.

This year, we’re going to launch a number of interesting projects which are hopefully going to promote the development of Lomography in our big country with huge number of talented Lomographers! We want to become even more convenient, operative and diversified. We’re looking forward to the new Lomographic masterpieces, articles, ideas and experiments! Stay tuned and be happy !

Sincerely yours,

Lomography team Russia

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