A D.I.Y. Lens Cap for a Lubitel 2

2013-01-01 1

A simple way to made a DIY lens cap for a Lubitel 2, using a plastic strip and two film roll container caps.

This is a quick tipster to made a DIY lens cap for your Lubitel 2. You need:

1) Epoxy glue

2) A plastic sheet and a cutter

3) Two film roll caps (try some types and choose those with diameter similar to lens filter dimension)

You need to place the two roll caps on the lenses of your Lubitel 2 camera, checking that they do not touch the lenses:

Then you glue together the two caps with the plastic strip using the epoxy resin and hardener mixed together (I used epoxy glue, because some film roll caps are difficult to glue together with cyanoacrylate glue (super glue). AVOID CONTACT BETWEEN LENSES AND GLUE!

After one hour, the lens cap is ready!

If it is a bit loose you can glue, inside the inner circumference of the caps, a little cardboard strip

Enjoy your Lubitel 2!

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