Your Favourite Shopping Destination: Garden City in the East


This place is going to be a major shopping district and destination within the next few years. Yet, it is already a favourite shopping destination for me.

Already the natural choice for people working in the area to go for meals and some outlet shopping, Changi City Point is poised for more human traffic in the coming years; especially when the Singapore University of Technology and Design’s campus is built.

Yet, this new shopping centre in Singapore is not catered just for the working professionals in the area or for future students of the university. It has been designed to be family friendly, which is perfect for residents living close by. How can one tell? Just check out the roof top playground.

It is starting to be apparent to me that our new building designers are really starting to make use of every available space. And Changi City Point is no exception.

Again, I discovered this by accident. Little did I know that having a tea break during a trip to this shopping destination would lead me to discover my second roof top playground!

What’s interesting is how the building designers envisioned the placed to be. They described the shopping mall as the ‘Garden City in the East’.

Tell-tale signs include an amphitheatre on the upper terrace, all decked out in sunflower wallpaper

And flora in little pockets of garden space on the roof and within the shopping centre itself.

I have not been here for any night events but I can imagine the crowd and the shows that this shopping centre organizes. Throw in the fact that it is located just opposite the Singapore Expo, this shopping centre sees high human traffic during event days.

Later, I found out that this mall will also be the home base of Very Special Arts Singapore (VSA). This organisation is a charity set up with the aim of ‘providing opportunities for people with disabilities to access the visual, performing and literary Arts for the purpose of rehabilitation and social integration’. I thought this was an interesting choice of location.

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