The Shopping District of Divisoria, Manila


If you are a gutsy shopper who cannot say no to a good bargain, then Divisoria is your kind of place.

Christmas season or not, bargain shopping in the Philippines, specifically in Manila, is synonymous to Divisoria. Sure, there are malls in almost every corner (exaggerating) of the metropolis, but nothing is quite like Divisoria in terms of value shopping.

Divisoiria is literally an entire political district, abound by stores and shops that offer everything. Wedding gowns, retail clothing, pets, fruits, toys, head dresses, décor, food, and a lot more. If you can think of it, chances are you, will find it in Divisoria.

Credits: renenob

When you ask for the price of the item that you like, know that you can always haggle for a lower price. Do not be afraid to ask for 30% to 40% discount; chances are, they will meet you halfway at 10% to 20% off. If you are really persuasive and buying in bulk, they may even actually give in to the 30 to 40% of what you were originally asking for.

This shopping heaven comes with a price though; and it is not for the faint-hearted, especially during Christmas season. On regular months, it is already a bit crowed, and it doubles, possibly even triples as Christmas draws near. If you go there, you really have to prepare yourself. It is impossible to take a ride for one shop to the next, because even a good portion of the streets are occupied by stalls, so be ready to walk as well.

Lastly, come in comfortable clothing, and dress simply too. Leave unnecessary valuables such as jewelries at home. Just bring a plain shopping bag, towel, and a simple purse. If you have an old cell phone, bring that instead of your top-of-the-line one. It is a shopper’s heaven, but you would not want to be a walking target for a few evil-doers.

With all the risks and gains, people keep on returning to Divisoria. Every year, more and more people come to experience value shopping / adventure that is like no other.

Credits: renenob

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