An Instant Present


Believe it or not, films can be convenient, fast, too.

People always like it fast, hence we drive through fast food restaurant, eat instant noodles, cutting in line and even running red lights. Of course, not everyone of us. The rapid change in our society and environment make us want everything convenient, fast and immediately.

So how to do with cameras. It can be done by instant camera such as polaroid cameras. Hereby, I would like to share about Fuji Instax Mini 7, the one which is the cheapest and yet friendly uses.

This is my 21st birthday gift given by my dearest friends. Each one of my friends holding a A4 paper written with an alphabet of “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” and taken by Instax Camera.

I was so surprised when the outcomes are so nice and creative. This make my great day in 2012.

So guys, if you still figuring out what to give to your loved one during their birthday, don’t hesitate to try this way.
Trust me, everyone likes instant!

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