2012: The Year of the Analogue


Year in and year out, I kept a camera in my bag and a sharp eye out for fabulous photo ops. Take a look at some of my best (and worst) Lomography moments!

It’s the darkest time of the year here in the Northern Hemisphere, a time when we light fires to guard against the cold night and look towards the eastern horizon, waiting for the sun to return. Well, I like to think that we do, but in my house we just turn up the thermostat and make sure we’re well-stocked with 60-watt lightbulbs!

Whether you’re huddled around a fire or in a toasty home, the transition between the old year and the new is a perfect time to look at what we’ve done in the past twelve months and to make plans for the next twelve. In this spirit, I’ve gathered my Lomographic highlights of 2012: first rolls in new cameras, film experiments, parties attended, good company, roadtrips, and other sundry explorations. There are also the less-than-fabulous shots, showing where I didn’t focus correctly, shoot with fast enough film, left the camera in “B” mode, or just left the lens cap on (oops!).

By my count, I took 381 photos this year (not counting the rolls I haven’t developed or finished shooting, because, y’know, life gets in the way), and of those, I uploaded 281 to my LomoHome. These are my favorite from the past year:

Credits: twinklecat

The best thing about 2012’s Lomographic activities was when I visited the Lomography Gallery Store in the West Village of New York City and finally bought the Holy Grail of cameras, a Lomo LC-A+! I ogled all the cameras and various clones, flipped through the books, and glowered enviously at the chalkboard sign advertising upcoming workshops, then stepped smartly up to the counter and said, “I’d like to buy a Lomo, please!” It took a few rolls to figure out the zone-focusing, but soon the Lomo and I were bosom friends. Here are some of our first shots together with the some of the best.

Credits: twinklecat

One of the best things about 35mm film is the variety of experiments you can do with it: cut it up, flip it over, dunk it in acid, throw a mask on it, or just leave it in a sunny window for months and see what happens. I dabbled a bit in do-it-yourself redscale, EBS (read my tipster here), and chemical lab-rattery.

Credits: twinklecat

The past year wasn’t just about fiddling around with cameras. I’ve always thought that the most interesting photos have people in them, so I tried to capture friends and family at every turn.

Credits: twinklecat

Without analogue photography in my life, 2012 would have been a much less exciting year. I love visiting LomoHomes, keeping up with fun tipsters and analogue lifestyle pieces, reading people’s blogs, stories, and advice, and of course, traveling to other countries through other people’s photography! I can pack in a conversation, a chemistry or physics lecture, a birthday party, and a vacation all in ten minutes, and that’s just through photography. My experiences of the global community here on the Lomography Society International fuel my practice of photography, and I’d like to think that my own photos inspire people to move their own photography forward.

Happy New Year!

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