January, A New Year at Lomography Gallery Store Chicago


Happy New Year! We’ve jam packed the weekends in January with some awesome workshops. We have a workshop for just about every Lomography camera as well as a Bulb Setting workshop lined up so grab your new camera and come to one of our workshops to learn how to use it, or come to a workshop to play with a camera you might not already have! All workshops will begin at our Lomography Gallery Store Chicago in Wicker Park.

Saturday January 5th @ 2pm: Dynamic Diana F+
We’re starting the month off right with a workshop about our most versatile and popular camera. The Diana F+ is one of our most versatile and most popular cameras! The Diana has a few different apertures, a plethora of accessories to add onto it, and has a built in pinhole mode! Come see all the magic that this camera beholds! We’ll teach you the basics of the Diana F+ as well as a few tips and tricks. If you have your own Diana F+ bring it along and the workshop will be FREE and we’ll give you a roll to shoot. If you don’t have a Diana F+, no worries- RSVP and we’ll have a loaner for you!

Sunday January 6th @ 2pm: Darling Diana Mini
The Diana Mini may be a petite little darling but she’s got a lot of tricks up her sleeve! This little camera can shoot two formats, square and half frame. It can also make double and long exposure photos and that’s just the start of it! Come learn all the fun stuff you can do with your darlingest camera, the Diana Mini! Bring your own and the workshop will be FREE and we’ll even give you a roll to shoot. If you don’t have a Diana Mini yet, no worries- if you RSVP we’ll have a loaner for you!

Sunday January 13th @ 2pm: Take off with the Sprocket Rocket
3-2-1 BLAST OFF! The exciting Sprocket Rocket will take you places no other camera has gone before. This wide angle panoramic beauty shoots like no other pano camera can, with sprockets! What are sprockets you ask? Come to the workshop and learn all about ’em. We will show you how this camera can get great effects and teach you how to create your best (widest) photographs yet!

Saturday January 19th @ 2pm: Fantastic Plastic
Come learn all about our most exciting, fun loving, and most plastic cameras! This workshop will be all about our Multi-Lens and Fisheye cameras. Come learn how to master shooting from the hip and getting a close up wide angled view of the world! This is a great workshop for first time Lomographers and those who are still kids at heart!

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Sunday January 20th @ 2pm: Lomokino Movie Maker
You’ve waited patiently and it’s finally here. The best Lomokino workshop in town! During this workshop we will learn all about the Lomokino, and the best way to get the most star striking movies you can. Did you know that there is a way to record your movies into your smart phone? Well we will teach you how! If you have your own Lomokino be sure to bring it, and if not you can borrow one from us.

Saturday January 26th @ 6pm: Bulb Setting
Does your camera have a “B” or “Bulb” setting? Ever wonder what the heck that’s for? Come to this workshop and learn all about that mysterious setting! The Bulb setting is best used at night time to take long exposures and we’ll teach you just how to do that. You’ll also learn some ways to use the Bulb setting when you’re out at night with your friends, so bring them too! If you have any camera with a B or Bulb setting bring it with you and the workshop will be free! Don’t have a camera with a Bulb setting? No worries, we’ll have loaners on hand so you can learn and practice too!

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Sunday January 27th @ 2pm: Sensational La Sardina
The La Sardina, our beautiful camera modeled after a tin can packs a lot of punch! Come learn how to master this wide angled beauty! We’ll go over how to make the best double exposures with the La Sardina. The La Sardina likes to party so we’ll also show you how to take the best party and night time pictures with this versatile camera. If you already have a La Sardina make sure to bring it with you, the workshop will be free and we’ll give you a roll of film to use! If you don’t have a La Sardina, don’t fret- we have loaners for you to use.

Thursday January 31st @ 5pm: Singapore Chicago Film Swap Opening! (Gallery Opening- FREE)
We are pleased to show off the best results from the very first Chicago film swap with our fellow store in Singapore. Our community members have been working hard shooting the best of Chicago for the past 2 months and it’s time to show it off. Our store in Singapore will also be showing their work at their store on the same day. Join us for snacks and drinks for all ages, and some of the most interesting double exposures you will ever see. We may be on the opposite side of the world, but we will share one special night together.

All workshops are FREE if you bring a camera that relates to the workshop. We’ll even give you a free roll of film to shoot! Don’t have a camera to use? Don’t worry! We’ll have loaners at each workshop. Loaners are $10 and include a roll of film for you to shoot and keep! If you’re a student a loaner will be $7 with a valid student ID.

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