Boa Nova Tea House


Arch. Álvaro Siza first main Job.

Alvaro Siza is actually the most notable architect in Portugal (alongside with, Souto Moura). One of his first jobs was Boa Nova the House in 1963. A job given to him by his former and boss, Fernando Tavora. Nowdays it’s visited for architecture lovers and students

Boa Nova Tea House, is in cliffs of Matosinhos (Leça) seashore, near the spot where the Architect grew up. This familiar connection with that shores, and careful analysis of the weather and tides, allowed him to design a organic connection of the building and the landscape. Removed from the road by some meters, the building is accessed from a system of platforms and stairs. And the entry is sheltered by a low roof, surrounded by massive boulders.

The restaurant it’s places just above the rocks, with a outstanding view of th Atlantic. And behind a beautiful lighthouse, named “Boa Nova lighthouse” or “Leça lighthouse” constructed in 1926.

The building itself it’s marvelous designed. The kitchen it’s almost beneath ground, giving the impression that it doesn’t exist. In fact, Álvaro Siza, is an expert on this. He have the capability of hide what it’s unnecessary to the eyes. Here the sea is the most important, so Álvaro Siza design something with a unique view to Atlantic sea.

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    Definitely a masterpiece! What a great place to visit.
    Thanks for the link!

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